Soolin Cottle
Multidisciplinary artist

Primary focus: painting
Other work: music composition, writing, photography

Qualifications: MBBS, GDL, LPC

The Work
An observer of life exists in a quiet place; a place that provides the opportunity to question the events of the external world, to develop core strengths that eventually bridge the gaps between one chapter of life and another, and to simply enjoy the fleeting moments of beauty that often pass by unnoticed, like the silent passage of a cloud across the sky.

In a world that bombards us with its own agendas and complexities, it is in this quiet place where we can develop for ourselves an interpretation of life that has personal significance, and discover what that interpretation means, in practical terms, for our lives as we move forward.

These are the stories that are in my work. My primary focus is on painting, but the music compositions and poetry that I write are fundamental to my practice, the stories they tell weaving their way into my paintings.

Soolin Cottle is a multidisciplinary artist. Her primary focus is on oil painting that is informed by her music compositions and writing. She previously worked as a doctor and medical editor.